Shropshire Woodcarvers Coronavirus Safety Guidance
(Version 1.1, August 2021)


Shropshire Woodcarvers Club (SW) has a duty of care to secure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and wellbeing of its members and visitors attending sessions/workshops/events arranged by the club. To this end, the following recommendations are provided to mitigate the likelihood of members/visitors either contracting or spreading coronavirus. Whilst it is an individual’s prerogative to adopt or decline these recommendations, their own actions must not place at risk other members/visitors. These recommendations are subject to regular review and amendment, to reflect any changes to Government guidelines.

➢ Prior to a woodcarving session/event it is recommended that you do not attend if you have:
✓ Been tested ‘Positive’ for coronavirus in the previous 14 days.
✓ Been advised to self-isolate/quarantine.
✓ Have coronavirus symptoms (continuous cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell).


➢ On arrival at a woodcarving session/event it is recommended that you:
✓ Wear a facemask.
✓ Sanitise your hands.
✓ Sign your attendance within the SW Register (name and contact number/email required).
(Facemasks, sanitiser and the register will be situated at the entrance to the craftrooms)


➢ During your woodcarving session/event it is recommended that:
✓ Where possible, you should leave a space of two meters between you and the nearest carver. Where this is not possible, the consent of all those occupying the workbench should be agreed upon to enable carving within two meters of one another. Where a member(s) requires a clear two meter working space, their decision must be respected by other members.
✓ Leave external doors and windows open to promote the circulation of fresh air.
✓ Sanitise your hands on a regular basis.
✓ Should you share your own tools, or use club tools (e.g. chisels, grinder/sharpener etc), contact points should be sanitised with the cleansing wipes provided and dried with a paper towel to avoid corrosion forming.
✓ Where club books and magazines are referenced, they should not be shared between members during a session/event.
✓ The consumption of tea/coffee and beverages is allowed, but members must bring their own mug/cup.


➢ Following your woodcarving session/event it is recommended that:
✓ To avoid the risk of airborne dust particles (which may include coronavirus) being inhaled, one person per work bench should be nominated to sweep down and clear up. The nominated person should wear a facemask and all other bench users should vacate the bench prior to the cleaning commencing.
✓ Sanitise your hands upon leaving.
✓ Following vacation of the craftrooms by members/visitors, a nominated committee member, wearing a facemask, shall spray the workbenches and club cupboard with an anti-viral aerosol.
✓ Should you develop coronavirus symptoms or test ‘Positive’ within 48 hours of attending a session/event you must notify a committee member immediately. The committee will notify all who attended the said session/event and advise them to follow the appropriate and most current Government guidance.