Carving for Charity

Shropshire BWA member Steve Worrall has, for several years, carried out humanitarian aid work in Romania, supporting vulnerable children and the elderly in orphanages and care homes in addition to delivering almost 50 fire engines to remote and impoverished communities. In the early days Steve would carve wooden gifts as tokens of friendship for his hosts but soon found that demand was exceeding his capacity to carve. He then came up with a novel idea to carve a pattern and have it reproduced several fold in cast iron. The castings often incorporate the logo of Steve’s charity (Operation Sabre) and are custom made at the birthplace of industry – Ironbridge, Shropshire. The patterns are made from a variety of wood, the harder the better, to withstand the repeated pressure of being forced into the foundry sand. Steve said that the biggest challenge when carving a pattern is to avoid the temptation to undercut, as the pattern must be pulled clean out of the sand. Detail on the patterns also needs to be slightly exaggerated, allowing for shot blasting and painting, which tends to remove finer details. Pictured are a few examples of the original patterns and castings that now adorn care homes/orphanages and fire stations throughout Transylvania.

Further details regarding Steve’s charity work can be viewed at:

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